Vegetable Trough Raised Bed (6ft)

Price: £149

Grow your own food with the new vegetable trough, ideal for growing all types of vegetables, including deep rooted ones such as carrots and potatoes.

🌶 Large enough to grow large amounts of vegetables
🥔 Easy working height to be kind to your back
🥦 Made with long lasting Green Oak
🥕 Unique 'V' shape allows deep rooted plants

We have designed a vegetable trough that is waist height so easy on your back, quick to assemble and made with Fresh Sawn Green Oak.

  • Already assembled and delivered to your door
  • Raised bed enables you to work at a comfortable height
  • Aerated polypropylene fabric liner aids water retention
  • Provides a hefty 45cm growing depth in the centre
  • Ideal for town or city gardens with limited space
  • Allows gardeners with back problems to carry on growing
  • Off the ground growing means no soil born diseases and fewer pests

Available in the following dimensions:

Medium Vegetable Oak Planter (6ft)
Length 6ft, Height 3ft, Width 2.5ft
Single Shelf Trough - £149 + delivery
Single Shelf Trough with Single Lower Shelf (6ft) - £229 + delivery
Single Shelf Trough with Double Lower Shelf (6ft) - £299 + delivery

We are building our troughs in England using carpenters who work from home and will be using responsibly sourced wood from sustainable sources.


*Please note, we are currently experiencing very high demand for our vegetable trough. We are currently estimating 6-8 weeks for delivery. We hope to deliver sooner than this but are being cautious with everything that is happening at the moment.

How much compost do you need?
Each 60cm (2ft) length requires approx 120 litres of material. Don't forget to add plenty of organic matter to improve both soil structure and water retention.

The 6ft trough would need around 300L of material. We recommend 30% (100L) of that is compost and the rest soil. You can add a bag of compost at checkout which we can deliver at the same time 👍

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Proud to be made in England 🇬🇧 


Spring Bundle Offer 🌷

We have created a Spring Bundle which includes everything you need to get started with our vegetable trough. Use the code "Spring" at checkout then you will get 25% off the bundle and free delivery.  Click here to view Spring Bundle.



🌳 We are proud to make our troughs in England 🇬🇧